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Unlimited and lifetime access to Beauty Transformation 101, a series of videos that cover the basics of transformational inner and outer change. Each video tutorial is easy to follow, extremely practical, and taught by The Beauty Shaman.

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Discounts on some products, and access to Suzanne The Beauty Shaman at a greatly reduced rate.

Access to a private Facebook community to get your beauty and wellness questions answered, The Beauty Shaman Age-Well Advice Group.

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I believe we are beautiful already. Makeup is not, in my opinion, to make us look socially acceptable, but to help us look our personal best! To overlook this crucial point is to feed into the ridiculous mass consciousness around female beauty, and negate the power and depth of each of our wisdom and strength. When you look in the mirror, what do you tell yourself? Do you say good things, like how beautiful you are, proud of yourself, or how much you’ve grown? Or do you repeat negative messages about ageing, weight, lack, and disappointment?

How can you change how you think about yourself? What is the way to letting go of the negative tapes that are holding you back? How can you connect your desires to your life path? The biggest question is, what nourishes you and how can you, on daily bases, connect with that essence?


There are so many lies in the skin care industry. You only need walk through a department store selling beauty to know that making older women feel badly is the preferred method to grow sales. What makes a skin care line effective and how can you know what to buy? Are you interested in anti-aging (while loving yourself), hydration, rosacea, a droopy jawline, or all of the above? We will talk about all of these and more.

What changes in diet and supplements work and which ones don’t? What are the basics that you need to nourish your skin in a sustainable way? How to see through the hype and lies of the supplements industry.

Daytime Makeup Look 101

The ever-important question: how can you look professional, polished, and your very best in the least amount of time possible? What products and skills do you need to create the look you want? What colors and styles look best on your face?

How can I look great and not spend a ton of money? Brushes, foundations, eye-liners, etc. that work best for older skin and don’t break the bank. I focus on clean beauty and also give references for regular products as well. I also touch on basic hair styles for daytime. Makeup 101 is divided into two parts due to the large amount of information!

Day to Night Smoky Eye 101

How to create a smoky eye for older women! Do you feel inept doing your makeup for special events and evening dinners out? What style of makeup helps older women look beautiful, modern, and elegant with simple instruction that anyone can follow. How to apply and use false lashes is also covered.

How to match makeup and wardrobe for special events, how to jazz up your daytime look on the fly for the evening out for business or maybe that hot date! Yes, we cover basic hair as well.

Hooded Lids 101

One of my top 5 most asked questions is what to do about hooded lids! It’s also my #1 most viewed video on YouTube. Many of us want to know how to manage our drooping eyelids, and in this tutorial I give away mega amounts of information on what to do. I give you the secret to bringing out your eyes in easy to follow and understandable directions.

In the downloadable PDF, I include links from videos where I make-up women with hooded lids so that you get the most practical and functional help. By the end of this tutorial, you will know the basics of how to make hooded lids pop like a pro.

Contour and Highlight 101

Contour and highlight are some of the most misunderstood yet incredibly valuable techniques for a beautiful makeup. Having these tools in your tool box will transform your application and make you look like a pro! How can an older woman use contour and have it not look like dirt smeared on your face? What shades are best for you? How to apply it in a flattering way? What do you do if your face is very thin?

What about contour in the eye socket? Should you use bronzers and what’s the difference between contour and bronzer? What about highlighter? Does highlighter bring out wrinkles and how to highlight so that this doesn’t happen?

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