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Women and Media

From my experience working with female talent over the past twenty-five years, I’ve seen a common thread. You are brilliant, determined, focused, hard-working, and struggle with insecurity around how you look. I’ve seen the most brilliant and gifted women dissolve to tears over doubting their appearance.

Men, on the other hand, can have big bellies, bad skin, uncut facial hair, and an old suit and think nothing of it! The world is very unfair and hard on women, and I want to help you navigate this road. My goal is that when you step in front of the photographer, HD camera, or audience, you feel amazing about your content, presentation, and appearance.

How can you step in front of the crowd, video or television camera, or photo shoot, and feel not only adequate, but amazing?

Women Coaching on Youtube

What makes you feel prepared to face the world? Isn’t it your skill, knowledge, experience, and voice? Self-esteem and confidence? What about that go-to outfit and lipstick?

With all the time and effort put into preparing your content, wouldn’t it be incredible to have the same level of confidence in your appearance? I define appearance as the whole you; your inner and outer self-care that includes physical health, skin-care, makeup and hair, and wardrobe?

I absolutely love working with talent. It is my passion! As a former model, I know what it’s like to step in front of a camera and offer the best I have, and all the fears and hard work encompassed in that. In fact, when I posed for the Revlon Charlie Girl advertisements, I was scared silly! I felt totally inadequate, but I learned how to toss my fears away and stand tall.

I’ve worked with such luminaries as Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Dole, Arianna Huffington, and Marilu Henner. This series is to help you have the utmost confidence in your career as well as prepare for your next giant leap forward as a presenter and talent.

What you get

Complete access to Beauty Transformation 101 (a total of six practical tutorials on the basics of beauty) along with PDF’s for each video

Tutorials on makeup for stage, photography, and television plus 20% off private coaching sessions

Topics include

Makeup for Public Speaking

How much should you upgrade your look when you step in front of an audience? Does your makeup need to be darker, more dramatic, brighter? How can your incredible talents and skills be reflected in how you show up for the event? What do you need to do to create a look that is both your own personality, and appropriate for the occasion?

Should your makeup play to the back-row audience, or in-between? How can you look beautiful, and be taken seriously (and why are we concerned with this aspect in this day and age?) What about rosacea, wrinkles, small lips, jaw lines, and foundation that covers but doesn’t look like a mask? I also cover basic wardrobe and hairstyles in this video.

Makeup for Video and Television

You arrive at the studio and they haven’t provided a makeup artist as promised. Rather than panic, you pull out your makeup bag with exactly the products you need and in expert fashion, you create the right look for their High Definition, 4K cameras. You don’t worry that the audience will be able to see your pores, you know not only what to use, but how to apply it. Do you want this to be you? Watch this video!

Should your hair be more styled, more curly, bigger? What does the camera see that you need to be aware of both in makeup, hair, and also the basics of color theory for on-camera talent. I also go over what wardrobe considerations you need to know to be prepared.

Makeup for Photography

I’ve seen confident women reduced to tears at the thought of a photo shoot. I’ve also seen those same women become beacons of self-assurance once they felt beautiful! The transformational gift of makeup cannot be ignored, and it can be harnessed. How is photography makeup different and unique? What do you need to know to prepare for a photo shoot?

What can be retouched on a photograph, and what do you need to be sure looks good? Should you wear softer tones on your lips, or go for color? What about wardrobe? What does the camera see that our eyes miss? At the end of thsi video, you will be much clearer on how to handle your photo shoot like a pro.

Start your beautification journey today!

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